Friday, April 8, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Day 94

Taking photos or making art with a flower theme every day in 2016.

My grandma use to say, "I gave it a lick and a promise, I'll do better next time." Meaning, I got the job done but I didn't do a great job. I quickly put this odd flower together. It's made of things sitting around my studio. The center is an eroded sea shell. (In the photo I think it looks like a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream)

Day 95

 Well,......this one is a stretch, I'll admit. Flowerish I'll call it.  The whole point of making a flower or taking a photo every day is to get me inside my studio. Putting myself there is suppose to lead to me making more art. This week things took a turn. Life outside the studio got real busy.

I work part time at our local public library. This weekend we are having a used book sale, it's a fund raiser for the library. I have loved helping out but there are only so many hours in a day and something had to give. Art lost this week. Lucky for me I only work one day next week!

There are over 20,000 books at the sale.
I hope a lot of books sell tomorrow!
See you here tomorrow.

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