Sunday, March 25, 2012

Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration

Just snapped this photo of my work space.
When I told my husband about this project he
wanted to know if I thought it up since it fits me perfect.

I had to remove the top layer  of  the mess otherwise no one
would have guessed there was a flat surface holding the pile up.
( My husband made me confess that last bit)

Basically I have had to move to the dinning room table to work.
I need to make some time to get things in some kind of order.

is the hostess of the
Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration

Coming Back

I've been M.I.A. lately.
Lots going on at work and with my family.
Plus, I have caught every bug going round the last six weeks.
( I think I even had one, twice!)

I have moved the Limited Edition project to the top of my
to do list. I have to have it finished by April 30th!
Today I plan on removing the pages because I find it hard to work in a
small space, 5x7 inches.
My theme is Threads and Surfaces.

I have an idea where I'm going with this sketchbook but once I start,
 I'm usually surprised at where I end up.

I'm also doing the Photo Response Project
with The Arthouse Co-op.
The deadline is April 30th.

Tomorrow, March 26th.......
is hosting...
Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration!

A project made for me!
This will be a point and shoot camera project.
No planning, no work!