I have an environmental children's book I work on now and again. It moves on and off my work table. One reason I don't commit to the project is that I don't know what to do with the book when it's finished. I decided to learn about self publishing with the hope of motivating myself to finish the book. Since it's not finished I had to find something else to publish.

It is rare that after I finish a piece of artwork that I don't want to let it go, but that was the case with the Fly Me to the Moon sketchbook. I made the sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2013.

I recently recreated the sketchbook on a larger scale and self published on Amazon Kindle. I consider it a self publishing experiment.

The Amazon web site offers free Kindle Apps for iPads, smart phones and Windows 8. You no longer have to own a Kindle to download e-books from Amazon.

The Kindle site lets authors preview how their books will look on several different devices. My book is visual and very colorful, so it didn't look so good on the black and white Kindles. Even on the color Kindles it has problems, small size and odd extra pages or page breaks depending on which version of Kindle it was viewed. These are small issues, the book is so fun they can be overlooked. The very best download viewing was on an iPad, go figure.

Fly Me to the Moon at the Kindle Store: Jill Eudaly
Fly Me to the Moon Link

A tale of man vs. mice.

Two pages from my Fly Me to the Moon Sketchbook are in this commercial for 
The Sketchbook Project. Near the end of the video there is a glimpse of my mice.

It was very exciting to be included in the video.

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