Sunday, August 22, 2010


I finally found a pot to make natural dyes in, yippee! Collette at, A Bird in the Hand, was dyeing fabric last month using plants. I have been "dyeing" myself to try it out. This morning I braved the wet tall weeds and mosquitoes in my garden and picked these bright yellow marigolds. And boy are they big.

The weather is even cooperating. Its cool enough today to open up the house and let the flowers boil on the stove for a few hours. If anyone would like to try making natural dyes just Google "How to make natural dyes" and a ton of sites will pop up. Many say to boil the fabric in salt water before dyeing. I'm going to use cheese cloth and pfd fabric ( prepared for dyeing) so I think I'll skip the salt boil. I think I'd use soda ash before boiling fabric in salt water. Soda ash can be found at Michael's Craft stores in with the fabric dyes.
Yesterday I dyed more paper bags, big fun.

ugh, the zucchini keeps coming. It's that time of year were gardeners are trying to pawn zucchini off on friends and strangers...please take one! I have been ignoring my garden so these two grew larger than I like.
I think I'll use the potato peeler and make long ribbons (noodles) out of the zucchini. Then add a tomatoe sauce and veggies.

The woods around my house are full of wild grape vines. So far no grapes. Usually they have small sour purple grapes. I feel the need to cut some down and make something. A wreath just doesn't seem exciting nor does weaving a basket. I'll think of something, stay tuned.

Green, Green Green....ready for fall colors!