Wednesday, June 30, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

Over the weekend we celebrated my in-laws 50 wedding anniversary. The party was held at their farm and had a 1950's theme. My mother in law, Joan, made her wedding dress while still in high school. As you can see she still has it and the Navy uniform her husband wore at their wedding. Amazing!

Joan also made this skirt while in high school, she lived in New Mexico at the time. I think her 
boot/ Indian moccasins are also from that era.

The cake was made by a nurse that works with my sister-in-law. It tasted as good as it looks.

A good time was had by all.
                                   Eva always has a good time.

Looks like we are finally going to have a good day to be outside. No rain, no humidity and temps in the 70's. Perfect. My plan is to get a few things dyed, try out a new art project using dried flowers and  work on the Cloth, Paper Scissors, Winter Holiday Gift Art Swap. But first I have to make plans with a man to clean out the septic tank at my mom's rental. (I lead a glamorous life.) Then get a day and time down to take my sister to look at a miniature horse. It's owned by a friend of my husband's family. Looks like I'll be in another barn this week. Okay, off to enjoy the sunshine.