Thursday, November 10, 2011


While cleaning out my studio nook I found my sketch book for the Sketch Book Project 2012.
It has to be finish just after the first of the year.
I have the next four days reserved for art.
Working on the sketch book and a magazine article are my two MUST DO projects.

I have had these projects sitting in the back of my mind but no motivation to work on them.
How do I get motivated to finish them?
I sign up for more projects!
Yesterday I ordered a book from Alabama Chanin.
Love this company but they are out of my price range. So I bought their DIY book.
Alabama Chanin an environmentally friendly company. They mainly make clothes, all hand stitched clothes. I really want one of their dresses. Luck for me I have a friend who has made several
Civil War era gowns. I'm counting on her to fit the dress to my form.

check out Alabama Chanin at

I also signed up for The Sketch Book Limited Project.
I know, I have not finished the 2012 Project, but I will!
Click the badge at the right to check out all of the Arthouse Co-op projects.
It's a fun site to visit. Artist post their work too.

My Sketch Book 2012 theme is Transatlantic.
My dream is visit London so in my book I am going to London.
I'm not just a tourist, oh no. I'm going because I have some of my art work being shown at. The Modern Tate Museum.
I need my pass port...what picture?

I've posted these pictured before.
Will have  new ones soon!