Mail Art Shows

I love mail art! Mail art shows are fun. Most have themes but some do not. I like the ones with themes because I am a contest and art challenge junkie. Racking my brain, swearing and the occasional tear while making art is my definition of fun!

This piece was made for the Vancouver Island, 2013 Mayworks,
A Festival of Labour and Arts.
The theme this year was "Artist at Work, a Self Portrait."
I printed off three photos of the same picture. Each was tweaked a bit in Photoshop.
I then cut them into piece by hand and reassembled a few pieces from each photo to make
one collage photo.

                                            Hours, was my entry for the 2012 Mayworks.
                                             The theme that year was "Work."

 The boot print in the snow belongs to Huck Finn's Pa. Remember he saw the print in the snow and knew it was his Pa's because it had a cross made of nails in the heel to keep the devil off.
This piece of mail art was for a "Remembering Mark Twain" festival. It was at a library in Wisconsin if I remember correctly.
I made this 12"x12" cube for a mail art show at the Milk Gallery in Sacramento, CA. There was no theme, but you could not mail your entry in an envelope or box. It had to go through the postal system as is.

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