Friday, November 5, 2010

Wooo Whoooo

My first time in a magazine! Page 82, thank you very much.
My Winter Holiday Gift Swap entry was selected as an example of the work sent in for the challenge/swap.

My work.

Remember Hannah Knock's ornament I got in the mails a few weeks ago? Well it's on page 78!
Way to go Hannah. This is not her first time in Cloth Paper Scissors.

Hannah has an Etsy store and a new blog.
Be sure to check out her new blog.


  1. Hannah's blog
    last time I mentioned her I spelled her name wrong. so sorry hannah.

  2. Congratulations ... such wonderful news! I need to make one for a swap ... sweet ... just need to begin

  3. Congrats again. So fun to see it in the magazine. xox Corrine

  4. hey good for you ....well done ....x

  5. Congratulations Jill!!! And I greatly appreciate you having me in your blog as well. No worries on my name.

    You know it's through these swaps that we find each other! Aside from getting published, it's the coolest! SO - here's to my recently connected, fellow published, cool artist friend!
    Thanks a mil... hannah

  6. Well, congrats missy!!!! Nifty piece of work you did. I love it.

  7. My copy came just as I was leaving for my holiday - saw you & thought 'I 'know' her!!' It looked great. Wonderful things from Corrine, & lovely silk pieces. Thanks for your comment ;)

  8. Jill, This is such exciting news, I plan to go and get get the magazine right away. Your work looks terrific. Congratulations! xoxo