Sunday, March 25, 2012

Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration

Just snapped this photo of my work space.
When I told my husband about this project he
wanted to know if I thought it up since it fits me perfect.

I had to remove the top layer  of  the mess otherwise no one
would have guessed there was a flat surface holding the pile up.
( My husband made me confess that last bit)

Basically I have had to move to the dinning room table to work.
I need to make some time to get things in some kind of order.

is the hostess of the
Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration


  1. Every flat space is messy at my place. You know what they say, "a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind". I must have a healthy mind!!

  2. This made me laugh because my art studio is so full of paper/scraps/paint/markers/etc. that I can't work there...have to work in the kitchen! I see I'm in good company! Jane

  3. Oh yes, this is good! I'm really starting to feel better now. Not sure some of these ladies know what a real mess is. I blame it on mixed-media. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I think you win! :D But I think eveyone else cleaned a little bit, too... ;o)

    Looks fabulous! I would love to see all these spaces in person.

  5. Tag you are it. Play along at my new blog or not if you wish. xox corrine