Sunday, April 3, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Day 90

Taking a photo or making art with a flower theme every day in 2016.

I forgot to post this flower I made at the library yesterday. The library takes donations of used books, some we put on our shelves and others patrons buy for a small donation to the library.

A very old dictionary came in a few days ago. The pages were yellow and deteriorating.
Just the right kind of book to use for an art project. I took one ragged page and folded it into a flower then added a blue wooden bead to the center.

Day 91

I saw these different types of moss and ferns???   I couldn't walk by the large decaying log they were growing on. My friends and I examined these bright green beauties then properly oohed and awed. I had to snap a photo.

Janice Darby  form CA sent me this wonderful flower postcard. She thought I would like the subject matter, how right she was. The U.S. postal system was a little rough with this postcard but it is lovely just the same. Thank you Janice!  I adore your photo

See you here tomorrow.

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