Saturday, March 12, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Days 71 & 72

Taking photos or making art with a flower theme every day in 2016.

My family and I are mindful of what we eat, but still have bad habits.
Cheese is my "can't live without food."
My husband and daughter are ice cream and potato chip devourers.
Recently my husband had a physical exam, the doctors told him he was an overachiever.
Somehow he has made it into his mid fifties in tip top shape.
BUT blood work showed his cholesterol was high.
No one is perfect.

We had been cleaning up our diet before the news.
This week we are replacing and swapping out foods we normally eat for healthier choices.
Our 14 year old daughter has been pushing us into the "go meatless" trend.
She is a big YouTube viewer, there are many compelling videos and stories posted. Some are powerful and will make you question the choice to eat meat.
Paying homage to plants, the healthy food choice. 
See you here tomorrow.

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