Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Day 34
The 365 Flowers Project

Flower, Spider and Jingle Bells.
This Saturday I will be hosting a teen art club at our local library.  Today I spent the afternoon planning activities. For a warm up exercise I wrote words on  slips of paper. Each kid will take 3 slips of paper and make some kind of art using the words I wrote down.
I assigned myself flower, then randomly pulled two other slips. Then I gave myself 15 minutes to draw and giggle.
I wrote all kinds of stuff on the slips of paper; fire, hop, tears, drip, worm, bug, red, yellow, cow and the list goes on. Should be fun!
Here is a close up of the spider in case you can't find him. He is holding on to a string of jingle bells.

I thought we would also do a little mail art.
I love mail art!
 Fish mail art call at Moan Lisa
See you here tomorrow.

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