Friday, February 19, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Day 50

Day 50....seems like I should have gone a little bigger for this milestone.
It was a day of ups and downs.
I had lunch with a friend and was invited to do a project at her gallery.
(that was the up)
(now for the down)
I  said good bye to a character tonight. Vella was a bartender in my small home town for over 30 years. Vella knew everything that happened in town. Telegraph, telephone, Vella knows, was the joke. A few years ago I attended her retirement party. It was an all day party, standing room only.
Deaths do come in 3's, we lost 3 major characters in our small town in the last two weeks. Vella's son pointed out that we are a town full characters some others will step into the spotlight. We are a corky bunch I guess.
See you here tomorrow.

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