Saturday, January 16, 2016

The 365 Flowers Project

Day 16
The 365 Flowers Project

One of my part time jobs is working at the local public library. Today I worked from open to close, no studio time. I had a few minutes to make flowers with what I had at hand.

We do big art projects at the library. This display is in our entryway and was made by my co-work Jessica. She is a Wizard with paper and scissors. This area is were people sign up for story hour or one of the clubs that meet each month.

The only downside to working at the library is...I check out ALL kinds of books. Sounds okay is what you are thinking. No, it's dangerous! I lose so much time reading and learning new things that I forget to laundry, go grocery family gets cranky when I forget about those things.

See you here tomorrow.

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