Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Last week I was in Carova, NC, the very top of the Outer Banks on the Virginia boarder. In order to get to the house we rented an 11 mile drive on the beach was required. Ponies were on the beach and under our house.

These ponies were taking shelter under the house next door. Some houses had fences around their yards to keep the ponies out. This fence was down in several places so the ponies used the home as a stable. It looked like no one had stayed at the home in a while. Why keep the ponies out?  POO!

We had several ponies under the house during our stay. The temperatures reached the high 90's which made the sand HOT. There were several piles of poo near our cars but that was easy to overlook. The wild pony herd  in the area is estimated to be around 80 ponies. People are warned not to feed or water the ponies. These ponies washed on shore after a shipwreck well over 250 years ago. They have adapted to living on the hot dry sandy strip of land. Apples, carrots and the like are foreign foods and will upsets  their digestion.

I'm back at Camp Lutherlyn. We have had rain all month, a total of 7.4 inches for the month of June. The craft cabin has been full of people getting in out of the rain. Next week is art camp, I'm so excited!
The sun is shining today and I need to head out, camp calls!

Have a great day and stop back soon!

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  1. When our boys were young and living at home, we spent many vacations most every year at the Outer Banks. Usually rented a cabin, but a couple of times, took an RV and camped at Oregon Inlet. Brings back memories, thanks.