Friday, April 3, 2015

I was out with my camera this morning. Typical of western PA, no sun shine on this spring day.
Other happenings.....

Day #2 of the Creative Sprint month. What is that you ask? For the month of April I am making art every day. In the morning I get an email with a prompt for that day. April 2, 2015 prompt was to build a bridge linking to things, something, something, I forget.

Here I am posting a day late, with a bad photo, but it's done. (and kind of lame but I promise to better today) Sap boiling is still taking up most of my day. Lately I have had company, ants! The little tiny ones show up every spring in my kitchen. I set out ant poison which results in dead bodies and no ants in my kitchen. I'm convinced that they are gone, out of my life. That is until the next spring rolls around and there they are again. Dang!

The lighting above my stove is great for cooking, but not so much for photos. My paper bridge, with arrow saying Ants This Way, leads to a bowl where I drop the sap foam that accumulates on top of the boiling pot. This foam contains a lot of tree sand-- minerals. For ants it's a death trap. (don't tell the ants) They sink in the foam and drowned in the liquid that collects in the bottom of the bowl.

Wishing you all good will and peace on this Easter weekend.

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. I love that first picture. Wow, I have almost forgotten how long it takes Spring to come up there where I spent half my life. It is a green and looks and feels like summer. Have been running the AC for quit a few weeks.

    1. Spring is taking it's time this year. It was so bitter cold for so long this winter that it took the ground a while to thaw. Spring is later this year for sure. The good news is that Thursday night I heard the Spring Peepers. A sure sign things are warming up!