Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Sketchbook Project 2015 sketchbook will be slipped into the mail
Monday. Once it reaches The Brooklyn Library the book will be "checked in" then shelved for the 2015 tour. For tour info click here.
This year I picked the theme History Book. The sketchbook is a bit fun, enjoy!

J. Eudaly's Quick Review of World History
Whether you believe life was designed by the divine or has evolved from primordial ooze, one thing is for certain, we creatures here on Earth have done marvelous things.
Fire gave us warmth and guided us in dark places.
Where would we be without the wheel?
The more adventurous among us took to the waterways. These fine beings fished for food and learned the ways of the planet's life force.
Such wonders were built that even over the span of time they still capture our imagination.
We have also bared witness to heavenly gifts.
Farming and communal living freed up people's time,
this lead to the development of the arts and sciences.
Empires rise and fall.

 Countries were born.

Frontiers were settled.
The invention of photography has aided in documenting our history.
For brief periods of time a few of us have even left the planet.
Today technology rules our lives.
( we live in front of screens)
What would happen if the power went out today?

I don't know about you marvelous creatures, but I am tired of living in front of a screen.
Look away and walk out your front door. Be a part of our world's history instead of an observer.
Yes, go smell the flowers and hug a tree once in a while.
No, electricity required.
The End
Have a great day and stop back soon! 




  1. This must have taken ages to put together. I am sure that you will miss this book after spending so much time on it. Do you get it back in the end?

    1. No, I won't get the book back. It will be at the Brooklyn Art Library until??? Other sketchbooks I have done for the project do get dusted off an sent out to events. The books have barcodes and when they are checked out an email is sent saying it was viewed. This sketchbook was actually done very quickly, the due date was 3/30. I cut it close!