Friday, March 13, 2015

I joined an online art group in January. The group is given a new assignment each month as a way to stretch one's artistic mind. February's assignment was to make a 3D hand with a theme. The finished artwork was to be made to hang on a wall. At first, I was not into this assignment at all. Once I got started it took off. I went crazy!  These pieces are for sale at the Bottlebrush Gallery, Harmony, PA.

These first photos are of a garland I attached to a wooden board. I think it would look great on a fireplace mantel or above a window.

The garland is made of dyed brown paper bags. I sewed and stuffed each piece, then sealed everything with Glossy Collage Pauge.

I had the idea of using the hands to make shadow puppets. A Redwing Black bird and rabbits.

                                     The hands were folded into the shadow puppet forms.

 MJ, the gallery owner, thinks the hands look like they are off of mummified bodies found in the blogs of Europe. She loves them and we had a good laugh.
In other news....
The maple tree tapping is going slow. We have one tree pumping out sap, about 2 quarts in 30 hours. The other 5 trees we tapped are dripping out small amounts. I talked to some people at Camp Lutherlyn where I work and learned to tap trees. They tap between 100 to 120 trees a season. Their trees are also doing the slow drip. So, they did what we do in 2015...checked around online. It seems other maple tree tappers are also having no luck. They think it is because the ground is frozen.
Trees are usually tapped in February but this year with temperatures barely rising above zero, the season was delayed. My one tree that is producing sap sits at the base of a hill. All the melting snow is watering the tree's roots. Today it will be warming up and Saturday we are to have a lot rain
----  here comes the flooding.
Think Spring and stop back soon!

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