Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter is here so I am trying to embrace it.  These geese and ducks appear every afternoon while I'm waiting for the afternoon school bus. I thought about getting closer but that would require me stomping across a snow covered field. Snow filling my boots....

This second shot is how I see the geese from a bridge. The geese are down stream near the bend, see the little dots? The picture above was taken with a super lens.

Other bus stop photos.

All week we have had temperatures at -12 or somewhere near there. Happy to report the temperatures are on the rise today!

Keep warm and stop back soon.


  1. Love those pictures of the snow and ice. Glad you are taking them and not me. It did get down to 38 here last night, but not cold enough to stunt the flowers that are blooming. It is only supposed to get up in the mid 50's today and it won't bet back up into the 70's and 80's until this weekend. I don't think I could stand to move back up there and take one of your winters I remember so well.

  2. Same boat as you but there are great birds in the new backyard and lots of geese, ducks, eagles, and sea birds at the river. Bird heaven around here. As well as deer in the back and a fox, at least one that we've seen. xox