Monday, February 16, 2015

Silent City
My grandfather use to refer to cemeteries as silent cities. Our local cemetery is outside of town and sits on a hilltop surrounded by trees. It is a quiet magical place. This silent city is also a landmark.
 Our cemetery is old, but not of historical importance. Our cemetery has a showbiz history. 
The 1968 movie, Night of the Living Dead was filmed here. Our little town is all about zombies.
Me personally, not a zombie fan. No Walking Dead or Zombie Land being watched at my house.
(Don't tell anyone about my zombie aversion. I live in a small town,
better to keep such things to ones self.)

The building in the background was in the movie too. It has recently be restored. The money raised for the repairs was spearheaded by singer Cyndi Lauper. I guess she is a fan of classic cult horror movies.

Now you know where I spent my Saturday morning. (Valentine's Day) That morning made one feel like they were inside a snow globe that had been shook. The snow was falling gently and the world seemed to have slowed it's spin.  You might find this odd, but since that photo shoot my creative energy has caught fire.

Cabin fever is retreating. Now lets hope the endless cravings for comfort foods stop! Winter is in full swing and we who must endure it are soldiering on.

If you would like to watch the Night of the Living Dead movie it's on YouTube, click here .

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Cabin fever firmly in place -4 this morning and so fan of zombies either, or any of that horror genre, ugh. Pretty silent city though. xox

  2. I'm no fan of zombies. At all. I don't understand the current taste for them (no pun intended) in movies and TV series, no plot, just non-zombies shooting down zombies on and on and on. Anyway, cabin fever is retreating here too. We put on several layers, cover our faces, and venture out... xo

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  4. Wow how that red shows up in the next to the last picture!! Those cemetaries look familiar, maybe it is either the one my parents and inlaws are buried in.

    1. This cemetery is in Evans City. I do think most cemeteries in western PA look similar. Old and new headstones along with shrubs and trees.