Monday, February 23, 2015

    Recently I joined an online artist group. Each month an assignment is posted. February's   
    assignment is to make art using a 3D shape of a hand. The second part of the assignment was to
   give the hand a theme that had personal meaning. The photo above is a hand turned sideways,
   thumb tucked behind. My hand became a Redwing blackbird. I live next door to Camp Redwing  
   Girl Scout camp. To me the Redwing blackbird means home.

   Lucky for me the creative inspiration didn't stop there.

   When I first read the assignment my thoughts went to hand shadow puppets. Below is a photo of
    rabbits!  (front and back) 

    This project has grown by leaps and bounds. I'm about to suit up and brave the walk across my
     backyard to the studio. I am mounting these pieces, and several more, to a long board today. The
     plan is to make a garland of sorts.

    Okay, time for me to brave the -2 degree temperatures and get to work.

    Keep warm and stop back soon!


  1. Wonderfully inspiring! I love the red-wing blackbird especially!

  2. You know I love your dyed paper bags. Love black bird! xox

  3. I'm curious to know which online artist group you invitation or can I snoop around? I enjoy your blog, Janice