Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last week Eva and I spent some time at the Woodland Pottery Studio. One of my oak leave mud puddles was fired and ready to go home. The leaves turned out a dull tan on the first firing so I painted a mixture of water and iron (rust) over the tan and had the piece re-fired. That did the trick! I love the dark uneven colors of leaves. They now look more like  leaves resting in a mud puddle. The white circles on the blue glaze are bits of melted glass. I think the glass looks like rain drops falling on to water. I'm really happy how this piece turned out. My daughter Chloe will be taking this experiment home with her today. Glad it found a home!

Eva gave the wheel a try. She didn't keep anything she attempted to throw, but I think she had a great time getting a feel for the clay. I know she was covered in clay when we left. She hopes to go back and try it again. Maybe on her next day off of school. I don't care to work on the wheel. Things that move make me dizzy-- I get a headache on a porch swing...
I know it's January but the gardening bug has hit. I'm clearing a space in the studio to set up some containers to plant herbs and lettuce. Finding soil may be a challenge. The ground is frozen here in PA. Our growing season is months away so finding soil and seeds might be a challenge. To be safe from frost, as a rule, we don't plant outdoors until after Memorial Day.
The local news is reporting icy roads this morning. I guess I'll put my boots on to walk across the yard to my studio. (grin)   Keep warm today!
Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Your puddle piece turned out beautifully! So well done.
    Icy here to, after a mild December. Guess we're paying for it! xo

  2. No gardening bug yet, just a space sitting there waiting. I'll get there in March. Love your clay. xox