Thursday, November 6, 2014

This week I remembered to take photos of what I was up to at the Woodland Pottery Studio. This first photo is modeled after a mud puddle. Can you see leaves floating on top of water?  I thought it would be fun to have a mud puddle in the middle of my dinning room table. The glazes didn't quite come out as I hoped, but I still like the over all feel of the piece. After I glazed the puddle I went back in with a little crackle glaze then sprinkled wood ashes on top before it was fired for the second time.

I have several more pieces waiting to be fired.

I glazed this second mud puddle with different glazes than I used on the first puddle. I also added bits of glass to make things interesting.

These trays were stamped with the oak leaf linoleum woodblock I carved a few weeks ago.

 I was told by Bob, the master potter, that the glass dust I sprinkled on top of the glaze will look like stars in the night sky. So, once again who knows how this will turn out...

The plate below is not my work but it shows how brilliant the glass looks when melted. The blue shapes are the melted glass.

I also made some new things this week. Christmas ornaments! I thought simple white circles with snow flakes would be nice on a live tree. With two 6 month old kittens in the house I think my tree is going to be decorated sparsely this year.

 Last week Bob gave me a small paper weight he had made. It felt good to hold.

 Then I actually used it as a paper weight to hold papers down while glue dried. Shazam! I needed more paper weights in my studio!!!!!! Notice the large pieces on the left of the picture, they are paper weights.

Tomorrow I'm back at the environmental education center. I will be hiking all day. Boy do I hope it stops raining before then. It's November in PA! I did buy a new waterproof winter jacket but I really don't want to put it to the test.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Have a great day and stop back soon.


  1. We had some much needed rain here. Hope the weather is great for your outing. How long of a hike are you going on? It is a nice time of year to do so.

  2. Oh my - your puddle is glorious. I love the colors of your glaze. It looks a bit like a mud puddle with a thin crust of iridescent frost and ice. Can't wait to see all your other pieces once their done.