Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mail Art! Out going mail today. These postcards are linoleum woodblock prints that were enhanced with liquid inks, makers and machine sewing.

The prints were hung on a clothesline to dry before I filled the background in with liquid ink.

We are enjoying these last days of fall. Crossing my fingers I have photos this week of GLAZED pottery. Bob, the head potter at the studio thought he would have enough pieces to fill the kiln for a  firing before I returned this week. Here's hoping!
Last week at the pottery studio I had no camera, no cellphone, so...no pictures. I also spent one day at the environmental education center. That day I hiked for five hours then spent the next day on the sofa.
I'm off to the post office. Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. That second picture down. . I stared at the raised parts for quite awhile trying to figure out what they were suppose to be, and then I realized it was the other part that was the picture. I guess I am slow, slow, slow. . Now, when I go back and look at it, I fist see the oak leaves.

  2. Jill- Love those cards! Especially hanging up to dry.-Julie

  3. Fabulous Fall prints on these, love them. xox