Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy October! I love fall weather and being comfortably back into the routine of kids in school. The girls don't share my bliss. I finally got around to turning the page on my feral burro's of Beatty, NV calendar.

My long time friend Diane Moore is a feral burro paparazzi. As you can see from this next photo the burros are not camera shy.

This sweet guy walked up to Diane's truck to say hello. I think he was hoping she had
 her camera handy!
I had a very busy week. I painted pumpkins for a Scary Art Show and spent a day at the Woodland Pottery Studio. I still haven't posted photos of a very cool mixed media workshop I took last week.
Have a great day and stop back soon!     (so many cool things will be posted next week!)


  1. Let us see pictures of the pumpkins that you made.

  2. Sweet! Methinks the burro was looking for a treat :)

  3. Your banner is awesome, and so is that celebrity burro!