Friday, October 31, 2014

                                                                 Happy Halloween!

The month of October has been all about Zombies in my hometown. In 1968  the movie, Night of the Living Dead was filmed in Evans City, PA. Over the last month people from far and wide have visited our two stoplight town to be part of the zombie celebration. I'm not a fan of Zombies myself, but the artful Zombies  hanging out all over town tickled my funny bone. The top photo is of a Zombie posted outside the public swimming pool. This was by far my favorite.


These two Zombies are covered in Night of the Living Dead movie posters. They are  surrounding the front door of the Night of the Living Dead Museum. Yep, there is museum! LINK TO MUSEUM

I didn't photograph all the Zombies in town but here are more Zombies than one town needs!
(They make me grin... and some laugh out loud)


These two are stand outside the drug store. They also happen to resemble the two pharmacists inside!

This pretty lady stands outside Con Yeager Spice shop.

Notice the Subway sandwich this Zombie is holding, bet you can guess where he's hanging out.

This an insurance agency Zombie.

A trick or treating Zombie outside the candy store.

A Zombie baker in from of Tin Man Bakery, notice the heart.
Town history museum Zombie. Evan City was an oil town, City of  Black Gold. The first oil wells drilled in the U.S. were in PA...not Texas!

Police station Zombie.

The public library Zombie is holding a bag given to kids to carry their books for the summer
 reading program. 

A barfly Zombie. The other bar in town doesn't have a Zombie. They had a redneck dummy sitting outside selling Zombie hunting licenses. Sadly he wasn't out when I was taking pictures.

Quilt Shop Zombie.

Fireman Zombie.
I hope you got your fill of Zombies from this loooong post!
Have a spooky night and stop back soon!


  1. Wow!!! That is a lot of zombies! BTW, I remember when I was a kid, my parents took me up north to see Drake's Well, the first oil well. Gee Wiz, just look at what Drake started.

  2. This is very unsual. Must have taken ages to make them all.

  3. It was fun to drive thru town and see all these!

  4. I'm not a fan of zombies either, but this is very fun! xo