Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13th! Wow, the days are passing faster than I can keep up. This past week I completed training for the fall programs we are teaching at the environmental education center. I took the above photo at a marsh. It is a Monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging on a milkweed stalk.

The environmental education center I work at is part of Camp Lutherlyn. This camp is an amazing place. Here is a link to Lutherlyn. They are developing an art program and already have an active quilting group. Next month they will hold their fall quilt show which has been an annual event for at least 10 years. My mom and I usually attend the show which also host venders and has free fun projects to make there or take home.

Here are some other photos I took in September here in western PA.

Moraine State Park.

Photos of the Super moon taken with my cell phone and a telescope. I put the camera lens of my cell phone over the eyepiece of a very large telescope.

I will be posting more now that life is settling into a routine. Eva moved from the elementary school to the high school this year. It was a big adjustment but I think we are settled in and less stressed!

Fall has not officially reached my corner of the world but cooler days are a welcomed change. I just fear this early wet cool weather will mean a not so colorful foliage change. When the weather changes early the leaves tend to rot before they can turn breath taking colors and fall.

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Some Fall colors and temps beginning here. Amazing photo of the supermoon. All the texture of that moon showing through. Glad Eva is settled and you have some time for yourself. xox

  2. Good shots of the moon. I once tried to look at the moon with my biggest telescope and it about blinded me. Had to use a pair of dark sun glasses until I could find an eye piece filter. My scope has a sixteen inch diameter mirror. The universe is a wonderful place to observe. Every season has its highlights. There is always something interesting to look at unless it is too cloudy.

    1. We need to get a lens cover, the light is so bright from the full moon. So far we low tech people thought to use sunglasses...

  3. Amazing shots of the moon. The first one looks like a grey melon (I thought it might be, until I read your text).
    It's cooler than usual here, and it's been wetter than usual, so I fear for the fall foliage too...

  4. Lovely pictures and I wish you well for the new education year. My daughter has moved up to secondary school this month and so far has handled it really well. We all have to keep,our fingers crossed when changes like this take place.