Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My new favorite place, the Woodland Pottery Studio at Camp Lutherlyn.

I'm not interested in throwing clay on a wheel, it's the slab roller for me.
Today I made this tray. I want it to look like a puddle of water with leaves floating on the surface.
I plan to display it on my dinning room table. We all need a puddle of water on our dinning room table don't you think?
This was my inspiration. (There is a layer of ice covering the surface)

This last photo is of some tiles I made. I plan to use them as "art book" covers. How that project will turn out is anyone's guess. It will be a while until the tiles are fired, glazed and fired again. I have time to work out the theme and construction of the books.

What have you been working on this week? I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. I have to admit that you are having a much better time than I am. Maybe it is time to start another small painting. The smaller the canvas the more difficult the painting, right?

  2. Hi Jill- That photo of leaves under the ice is simply amazing! What great inspirational material for your piece...I can't wait to see how it turns out. I've been working on the next issue of my newsletter and printing fabric...there will certainly be a lot more fabric printing in the days ahead!--Julie

  3. Pretty cool pottery. i was always drawn to hand work too. That teay will be sweet and your leaf book embellishments would make perfect gifts as journal covers. Nice work. This place sounds and looks wonderful. xox

  4. Wonderful! I wish I was there with you. Definitely the slab roller. Your tray is looking good!! xo

  5. This looks like such a great place. I would love to have a huge space like this, industrial, almost anonymous... to work in. You know things are HAPPENING.

    Nice tiles.