Friday, September 19, 2014

                                     This month's color for In Search of ROY G BIV is Black.
I did take some photos this week just for this post but since I was photo editing theses pictures today I decided to use Eva's black Tshirt for the blog hop.

This long slim bench sits on the hillside of local elementary school's nature trail. It is such an odd thing to find in a lonely spot. We had to hike into the woods hauling a lot stuff, even a step ladder!

I had been wanting to do this shoot for several weeks but it was never a "good time" for Eva. Teenagers!

I do feel lucky that we did get it done. The idea for this shoot was stuck in head and needed to get out. Thrilled to have ordered prints of these photos and many other photos stored on my computer.
Imagine, real photos will be delivered to my house next week!

Last Wednesday  me and a few friends booked studio time in the pottery studio at Camp Lutherlyn. I made a clay mouse wearing a space helmet and a large moon. I plan to also make a paper mache paper airplane. All these fun elements will then be placed in a shadow box. I can see it in my head, crossing my fingers that it works out in real life. I can't believe I forgot take pictures while at the pottery studio. Oh well, next week I'll take loads of photos.

The Harmony Inn
This local Inn has just reopened. We are thrilled and love the whimsy.
To see other amazing photos of the color black click here. Several other blogger are posting fantastic shot that you don't want to miss. So do click on the link.
Tomorrow Eva and I are teaching Stream Study at Camp Lutherlyn.
This weekend is mother/ daughter weekend so it should be fun. It is also suppose to be a beautiful fall day. I will be taking lots of photos.
Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Great photos, and I love the juxtaposition of "accessories" from a teen's room and a bench in the forest...

  2. Love the photo shoot with Eva! She's gorgeous. Thanks for playing along again Jill!

  3. Love the photo shoot with Eva!! Perfection!