Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 Ways

 I present Six Ways to Carry Packages.

A few days ago I was at my studio table brainstorming. Not much was happening so I texted my husband. I asked him what he was doing. His first reply was, working --men! Well yeah, I knew that much.  Eventually he provided details, it was like pulling teeth. That morning he was tracking down parts for a machine his company uses called a six way. Six ways stuck in my brain. Now you know where I got the inspiration for Six Ways to Carry Packages.


These pencil and watercolor paintings speak to me. I love the simplicity of form yet they say a lot. There is also the bonus of me thinking they are funny. I like to crack myself up!

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Love this! The simplicity of shape, the colors, the playfulness...just wonderful.

    1. Thanks! Keep it funny, it's summer and the livin' is easy.... so the song goes.