Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It is truly a glorious summer here in Western PA. We have had plenty of rain, and hot weather, so everything is green and growing like mad. Yep, it's literally a jungle out there!

I was out the other day snapping photos with my cell phone. Now I would like to transfer the photos to my laptop. After hours of "it's just not going to happen" this tech-NOT has given up. I think the problem is my UBS cord has many, many bites marks. I have a cat who loves to chew wires. The cord still charges my cell phone but I guess data transfers are more particular in their travel pathways...

How did I get the photos to appear on my blog? I downloaded the photos to my Face Book page. My phone won't let me post to my blog, not sure why. One more technical mystery to solve.

These photos, except for the last one, were taken on a nature trail that belongs to our local elementary school.


I hope to get out with a real camera soon, but those cell phones are so much easier to carry around!

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. Love your photos!! Another tech-Not here trying to figure it out too! LOL Hope your issues are resolved!!

  2. Yes, bitten wires will do it! Lovely photos, though. We have the same weather here. xo

  3. Racoon feet? Love that. Naughty kitties....xox

    1. yes, raccoon. Dang cat, she chewed up my Kindle charger wire too! Once the weather got nice she decided to try the outdoors, ever since --no wire chewing.

  4. Love the pictures, they bring back a lot of pleasant memories from when I lived in your area.