Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If you are on Face Book then no doubt you have taken one or two of the numerous quizzes flooding cyber space. I usually take two or three quizzes a week. They are fun and make me laugh for the most part. The thing I like most about them or maybe should be terrified of is that they are often right on target in describing my personality. Downright spooky at times!

Recently I took the, "Which Famous Painting are You?" quiz on Play Buzz .   Turns out I'm Picasso's (I do love people who only need one name) Girl in a Mirror, 1934.

Being a fan of Picasso's I was thrilled with the quiz outcome. This painting's deep colors and bold design leaves me scratching my head. How did he make it work? It come together perfectly. If you don't see it look again. As your eyes sweep across the photo (don't look at details) your eye doesn't get "hung up" on any element.

Picasso chose to reconstruct the world in his terms. He and his contemporaries added new ideas and vocabulary to the human conscience. Today I encourage you to reconsider where you are and what you are seeing. Who knows, you might be the next person to redefine human culture.

Too much pressure? Oh well, then just take a quiz and have some fun!

Have a great day and stop back soon.


  1. I am a realist. I like my paintings to be as close to a photograph as possible. I do appreciate all art, some more than others.

  2. Love Picasso so I will stick woth the unreal world. Quizzes are fun. xox