Friday, July 11, 2014

A mail art story...

Dilly Dee down by the sea.
How she loved that green sea.

There she fished as long as she pleased.

Starfish gleamed,

and mermaids preened.

Every night Dill Dee dreamed of the lovely green sea.
The End
I made this postcard story for my sister who is recovering from surgery.
The first card was mailed out today.
 The postcards are made of unused pages of old sketchbooks that I was tossing out. (the purging of stuff continues but I can't waste paper!) I also used pearlized water colors, water color pencils and a black marker. This set of postcards was done quickly, No Stress and I had fun making them. Finding the joy again in making art.
Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. This reminds me of Eva. Hope your sister has a quick recovery! Fun to send one at a time.

  2. Oh for heaventy sakes. WHAT a great idea! My brother is ill and NOW I am going to steal your idea!

    These are very cute. Love the hair dryer.