Sunday, June 29, 2014

The last few months my life has been about purging. Letting things go and simplifying. This has not been limited to the "stuff" crammed into closest and cupboards. Although I did find some cool stuff while cleaning my attic. My husband's father fixed radios and TV's, among other things, as a hobby in the 70's and 80's. The man is a tinkerer, and has every tool or gadget one needs to explore the inter workings of electrical devices.

At some point my father in law's meters and wave readers were passed to my husband. They have been collecting dust in our attic for some time. Happily we rediscovered them during a major Spring cleaning last April. I parted with many things but these machines spoke to me. It took a lot of fast talking to convince my husband that we needed to hang on to these relics for just a bit longer. In the end I got the keep them --mainly because we were not sure of how to properly dispose of such machines.

I knew I wanted to photograph the retro dials and screens. Visual magic!  As we are having some excavation work done in our yard, I decided to place my relics on the dirt piles. I call these photos,  Unearthed!

What have you found in your home recently that you forgot you had?

People talk about their garage, basement or barn having anything and everything imaginable inside. My friend Christine has something in her barn that always takes the prize on such discussions. She has the cremation ashes of a Catholic priest in her barn. The priest is not a family member or even anyone her family had known. So how did the ashes end up in her barn?

Christine had a great uncle who owned a funeral home. When he retired and sold the business several boxes of unclaimed cremation remains needed homes. The ashes were doled out to various members of Christine's family. Her parents brought the priest home and placed him in their barn. He has been there for over 50 years. True story!

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. You were right about the great photo op for those vintage devices! Congrats on all that purging ..... I need a dose of whatever it takes to fall down that rabbit hole!

  2. those are SO COOL. I couldn't have parted with them either. Great photos.