Thursday, June 19, 2014


June's color for, In Search of ROY G BIV  (the color spectrum)
is Indigo. 
To see other amazing indigo photos check for links at Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog.
Indigo, a tricky color. It's hard to decide if a color is indigo or just blue. Unfortunately it doesn't end there, that would be to easy. When considering indigo a hint of purple must be present. After perusing my laptop's photo gallery, I decided these photos fit the challenge requirements.
The top photo is of a piece of mail art I did for a Mark Twain inspired mail art show.
The boot print belongs to Huck Finn's Pa.
The watercolor below is from a class I took a while back.
We were learning how to paint stormy skies. I was more interested in being funny. The class was held in Mars, PA...

Yoyo quilt
These last two photos were taken at our local Farm Show.
It's the best thing to attend in August here in Butler County.

Have a great day!
We will be dodging rain drops today here in western PA.
Which is okay, how else will the sweet corn be ready to pick by the 4th of July?
When I was a kid the hope was for corn to be knee high by the 4th of July. Now farmers start the corn earlier by planting the seeds, then covering the fields with plastic. Winter lingered and spring lasted half a minute this year. We have been melting in hot humid weather for weeks.  
Ah, summer!


  1. Aw flying swings, loved those as a kid, probably wouldn't now. Eva looks so cute. Love your devil warding off boot print. xox

  2. I like the indigo sky with the ferris wheel. Never tried a flying swing looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Hi Jill- A fun selection of indigos. I love how the yoyo quilt and the ferris wheel complement each other...very unexpected! Thanks for playing this month.

  4. I'm always "more interested in being funny." It's so nice to be able to amuse oneself.
    you always make me smile.