Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In search of ROY G BIV.
This month is the color blue.
I am all about blue skies! 
The first photo is the New Mexico sky.
I found this bike just where you see it.
North Caroline Blue Mountains.
A view from Monticello, Charlottesville, VA.
(Thomas Jefferson's home)
The top of Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock State Park, NC.
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I hope you are seeing blue skies today wherever you are.
Stop back soon!


  1. We are having beautiful blue skies here today after a cold front blew in. Of course here in this part of Texas, cold fronts are only "cool" fronts.

  2. Nothing like a blue sky and you have such wonderful pictures with so many different blues.

  3. What glorious skies you've captured. Happy to have you joining in the search again!

  4. So many blue skies - nothing makes me happier! I just love the image of the bicycle...

  5. That bicycle made me laugh! Beautiful blues...thanks for playing along with us again.

  6. The sky is endlessly fascinating, isn't it? Love the bicycle photo too... Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues with us...

  7. I could have sat all day taking in that first beautiful blue sky from New Mexico! Something about the light in New Mexico! Beautiful choices ... thank you!

  8. Love that bicycle abandoned in a sea of blue - an amazing photo!

  9. LOVE your blue pics! And giving NC some love - awesome!! Always enjoy your bike picture too. Great post!