Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I was in the studio for a while today. It feels like a lazy kind of day.
I did a few doodles. This one was the best.
Maybe after dinner I'll clean out my studio, get some Fung Shui going.
My recycled material stash has morphed into a trash pile.
Something has to give!
I can't say my yard looks much better than my studio. My husband has been traveling for his job and I can't get the weed eater running on my own. High weeds here.
Okay, so I kind of like them...
What do you think of my favorite kind of high weed?

 I think there is perfect design in the way dandelions go to seed. Plus I think they are pretty. Oh, and how I love to watch them blow apart in the wind.
Crossing my fingers we don't get the torrential rains predicted for tomorrow.
I will be teaching Stream Study to school children for the next two days.
At least it will be 5th and 6th graders.
Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you have taken 20 first graders to a stream to flip rocks and identify critters and insects. I did it three times in one day. The first group we finished up ten minutes early, I surrendered. I got better as the day went on.
Have a great day wherever you are, and cheers to clear skies! 
Stop back soon, I'll have more adventures to report.


  1. I bet you were tired after those kids!!! I remember those field trips....and wild kids. Nice doodle. xox

  2. When I look at your photo of dandelions I think of picking them and blowing the seeds to make wishes. I wonder what the wind wishes for?

  3. Dandelions always look better in their natural state anyhow.... not so good when they get cut down.