Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!
It's the first day of May so that means I turn the page on the
feral burro's of Beatty, Nevada, calender.

This month's burro posed nicely. He doesn't seem to mind my paparazzi friend who stalks these gentle creatures.

Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. On a trip to South-West Texas, I got to see The Field Lab ( and the owner, John Wells. He had lots of those wild burrows coming to his place for free handouts. He feeds all the desert creatures. John was a transplant from the New Your fashion industry to the desert where he is the happiest.

  2. I love these guys. We have a couple of minis down the road currently. Not sure what will show up in the new house, but I do know that a big beaver was in the yard yesterday(we are close to a wetland). Once the pup fence is up, he will have to dine outside or risk attack...xox

  3. Seriously. This burro is stunning. Gorgeous. And in better shape than I am!

    I love your photo too.