Sunday, May 18, 2014

by Deb McClaren
Deb is a featured artist at the Bottlebrush Gallery, Harmony, PA.
For more information about Deb or the gallery visit the Bottlebrush Face Book page
 or call 724-452-0539.
I belong to a creative writing group, Harmony Ink, that meets at the Bottlebrush Gallery.
As a writing exercise we pick pieces of art from the gallery to inspire us to write a quick paragraph or two. The writing can focus on the artwork or any emotions, thoughts or feeling the art evokes.
This is my guess /writing exercise at how Deb creates her very cool artwork.
Something smelled wonderful, irresistible. Where was that aroma coming from? Led by his nose the zebra walked through the tall grass toward a hut. The hut was hidden between small trees and boulders. All of his senses were telling him danger was near, but his nose insisted he follow the smell.
As he neared the hut he heard a low chanting sound, Hubbbbaaa haabbbbaaa  haabbbaaa.  The sweet smell and soothing chants, he had to look inside. The hut had one window. The frame was painted with red stripes and blue dots. It caused the zebra's eyes clouded over. The smell and chanting drew his feet onward. He stuck his head inside the window.
BOOM!   The artist sprang her trap. One zebra flash freeze dried and framed.
Well, I had fun at our last meeting. Can't wait for the next! Have a great day and stop back soon!


  1. I like that zebra picture. It stands right out, doesn't it?

    1. funny, always observant you are my friend.

  2. Sorry I missed out on the meeting again, Jill! Love the piece you wrote, as well as Deb's oh-so-life-like piece! Really wish I had had the foresight to take you and Eva along to the Warhol. I think we would've had grand fun printing! And it would've made for some great blog fodder! Have a beautifully creative week!

    1. We missed you and yeah, the Warhol would have been fun, next year for sure.

  3. And now, creative writing! You amaze me. Love the zebra!

  4. Creative with the senses going and a surprise ending!! Looking forward to reading more creative writings from you! :)