Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's good to have a minute to blog. Things have been crazy here. I took a part time job at an environmental education center which I love, love, love, but it does take large chunks of time out of my day. I took this photo Friday at a site where we give a talk on mine pollution.

 After we explain what is happening inside the abandon coal mine (water causing chemical reactions with rocks inside the mine) we have kids test the water at four different sites. The mine water is directed through a wetland and it actually does a phenomenal job of cleaning the water.

The photo above is of a large hole filled with water near the mine.
(no iron or sulfuric acid in this water)

I've been plugging along on Pixie dresses but my heart is not in it.

Today's dress...needs some razzle dazzle.
A few months ago I was asked to take part in a gardening event. I'm to demonstrate art and sell...something. My idea was Pixie dresses. I need to get myself in the groove, not feeling magical these days. I think I might be in shock, winter really is over, my mind can't believe it!

When I can't get the creative juices flowing I hop on a chair and paint the space above the French doors in my studio. Right now it's just a roughed in painting. I added the mouse today. I miss the mice. Pixie dresses might be put on hold, playing with mice seems more appealing!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend wherever you are. Stop back soon!


  1. Taking care of Mother Earth takes the highest priority.

  2. Always good to keep busy. I know what you mean about your heart not being in it....I haven't stitched for a bit either. xox

  3. The little dress is coming along. If you lived nearer I would suggest popping over one evening and we could watch the three Tinkerbell DVD's that y lovely daughter makes me watch over and over. Could help. Your new job sounds fascinating, keep us posted.

  4. Sounds like the perfect job for you! How do you fit everything into a day??

  5. I hope you are being kind to yourself! You are doing good things. Sometimes we are perfectionists and too hard on ourselves. That pixie dress is so cute! How is that going?

    1. Pixie dresses have been on hold this week, I need to get back to them since I committed to the Garden and Herb Fair. June 14th will be here before I know it!

  6. Busy Busy!! That is awesome though, opportunities coming your way! Congratulations!! Love the green pixie dress - still have your flower pixie dress hanging in my dining room - still looks great!! And totally love the original painting above your doorway. So mice and dress making.... makes me think of cinderella... :)