Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello Monday!
Last Monday I posted about how I was looking forward to spending the week working in my studio.
Well, that didn't happen. ( blame my husband) I did manage a few hours here and there but nothing very exciting came out of it. Except for the eviction of a stinkbug colony. Yes a colony, that's the only way to explain the mass number I found behind bookcases,  between and under anything where they could hide. All winter I have been finding them. It's my own fault, I left my French doors open one fine day late last fall. Yep, I left the door open and in they came, along with a hoard of lady bugs.
The wonderful piece of mail art feature at the top of this post was made
 by Corrine Gilman, of Sparkle Days Studio
Corrine even penned a poem on the back. I love reading Corrine's blog, she writes vivid  poetic verses. The woman can string words together and tell a good tale. Oh, and her art work rocks!!!
Corrine's Poem
Rain and then
some sun.
A flake or two.
Cold wind from
Canada blows in
Welcome to Spring
in New England.
Corrine, thank you so much for putting me on your mailing list.
I am honored.
Other news:
This is rather exciting, I now own a smart phone!  ( I got it for the camera) I'm not a cell phone person so this is a big deal. I handed it over to Eva, after she learns how it works, she will teach me.
Such is my life...
We are also having a brouhaha over Eva changing schools. There is a performing arts school in our area that she would like to attend next year. I have not been in favor of the switching of schools due to the distance she would have to travel every day. Sunday we decided to drive over to the school and scope out the area. Three miles before we reached the school (according to my GPS) we pass a nuclear power plant. I don't mean in the distance, I mean from the road I could yell at workers on the power plant grounds and get their attention. Eva's bus would pass by every day.
Eva freaked, had me turn the car around. We never made it to the school. Further investigation on the internet turned up reports of poor air quality in the area. The school is very good, award winning, kids love it there. BUT, why on Earth was a school built in an industrial area?  The school is a PA Charter--not that old. The school sits near the Ohio River, a lot of industry and a chemical plant is being built up stream a stones throw away. USA Today did a report on air quality  near schools in 2008, this area was flagged as being hazardous. Again, why was a school built there?  Land was cheap? That's my guess.
We spend millions of dollars on tests, test to see how much our kids are learning and to evaluate if a school is teaching up to standard.  My question is, how come we don't have any standards as to where schools are located? I think someone  truly dropped the ball here. This school is a Charter School, but it is funded by tax dollars. Our school district would be paying my daughter's tuition to attend this performing arts school.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. --At this point Eva is not going to the school but since there are no other performing art schools around....we may revisit this option at a later date. God help me!

Have a great day and stop back soon!



  1. I worded for two and half years at a plant that makes the fuel and the fuel rods and packs them in the square channels that get lowered into the reactors. So, if some one tells me that I have a glow about me, I tell them where I got it (grin).

    1. You are always a "bright spot" here on my blog!

    2. Now Jill, I don't glow that bright. It is just a dim light.

  2. Thanks for sharing my work. Glad you like my little poem...I always wanted to write, now I get to do it on my terms....Stink bug colony, oh that does not sound good. We have a few in the basement, now I better check it out. I can't believe that schools are built in locations where toxic stuff might be but I think it happens a lot because land is cheaper, or old buildings are rehabbed that might not be in the best areas....Too bad, because it sounds like it could be great for her, doesn't mean she can't go to a performing arts college some day.....good luck figuring it all out. xox