Friday, March 28, 2014

Yesterday while at Camp Lutherlyn, I came across some spectacular sights.
The day was gloomy and cold, but still a feast for the eyes.
My trusty old Cannon 20D was at home so I had to rely on a low tech cell phone.
A few tweaks in Windows Photo Gallery, and holy smokes...not to shabby.
These photos are of a small, but deep pool of water near a wetland.
The water's surface was covered in a thin sheet of ice.
The pool had an emerald glow. I had to take a picture!
Then I couldn't stop taking photos...

Here are a few more shots of the camp.

Last summer's cattail's in a wetland.

Ice crystals on the side of a stream.

The camp collects syrup from it's numerous sugar maples.
I saw lots of buckets hanging on trees.

Other places I found myself.
I'll be back at the camp today. Rain is in the forecast, the adventure continues!
Have a great weekend, and keep dry wherever you are.
Stop back soon!


  1. Gorgeous place. Love all the patterns in the ice. They are as varied as all of nature...We saw a whole bunch of perfect triangles in the road the other day, hundreds of them in the ice. Wow. xox

  2. Those are fantastic photos, love them. An artistic eye can see the rare beauty in most any thing, but to be able to capture it so well in a picture, WOW!!! Done good, Jill.