Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So many ideas, but I can't seem to focus or motivate myself to spend time in the studio. Eva was sick last week so I moved arm loads of art supplies into our dinning room. Three pixie dresses were made over
 m-a-n-y days. I was distracted, could not sit down for no more than fifteen minutes at a time.
Unless, I was near a TV plugged into Netflix. I am not a person who watches TV to zone out or mindlessly channel surf. I want to be told a story. I want to see how the writer causes conflict, shows human flaws, and crafts plots that leave me saying, "Wow, didn't see that coming!"

I personally like my art to tell a story. Yesterday I was struggling to leave behind life's daily chores and dramas at the door of my studio. They were following me and echoing loudly in my head. I found myself not being able to find the space in my mind that dreams and creates.

After sitting at my work table and accomplishing nothing, I spied the space above the French door. I had always thought one day I would paint some clever quote, or inspirational words of wisdom in that spot. I grabbed some stencils and paint. The paint went on thin and sloppy, but that was okay. I had done SOMETHING. Next, I cleaned up my work table, and set my studio up for the next day.

Today I entered the studio with a plan. I knew what I wanted to work on, but when I sat down...nothing. So, after a few minutes I got up, jumped on chair, and started to draw whatever came into my mind around the words I had painted yesterday. As I drew, thoughts about the project I was working on started to flow. Four minutes up on a chair, drawing "whatever" with a pencil, got me back on track. I got off the chair and faced my work table.

Next time I'm stuck, I will add more to my muse, Tell Me A Story. You may not have a spot on a wall where your mind can wonder, but do find your secondary creative outlet. It helps a lot!

A fun side note.
Last week when I tried working in our dinning room I had unwanted help, Eva's kitten Cookie, a.k.a. Kissyface (my name for her), a.k.a. Chaos (my husbands name for this sweet girl).

Have a great day and stop back soon!

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  1. I really like that last picture, as does my wife, also.