Thursday, March 20, 2014

 In search of ROY G BIV.
The color of "March Madness" is yellow.
To see every other shade of yellow, visit jennifer coyne qudeen 's blog. Jennifer will be adding links to more blogs in search of yellow.
Honestly, madness is just around the corner thanks to a never ending winter. Plus another virus has visited our home. Dreaming of summer sunshine, oppressive humidity and The Butler Farm Show!

This very clever piece of mail art was made by my friend Lynn Radford. She did a whole series for a "GO Bananas" mail art swap. There is nothing better than finding art in the mailbox!
See more of Lynn's work at trashbubbles and lifes little bits.

Revolution! A page from my 2013 Sketchbook Project.
It was "remixed" for my Kindle book, Fly Me to the Moon.

Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman's, 40-foot-tall Rubber Duck was floating on the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, PA, back in September.(2013)

These next three photos were taken in Harmony, Pa, last weekend.
(notice gloomy lighting, welcome to Western PA!)

I'll be looking for yellow in the sky today but I fear the sun may be hidden behind snow clouds.
Oh winter, please make your way to the Southerner Hemisphere. In other words...move on!

I hope the sun is casting a yellow glow wherever you are.

Stop back soon!


  1. That duck...priceless. Thanks for joining in the search again this month. It's always fun to see what everyone finds. By the way, what is the big yellow thingie in the last photo?

    1. Hi, I love the duck too! The metal dome on the sidewalk, I think it is a manhole cover or utility cover. Harmony is a historical town so I'm guessing it is a throw back to the past.

  2. Your first image is so festive & celebratory, and I enjoyed the other yellow gestures!
    Surely spring will find you soon - at least those of us in the northern hemisphere can say we have survived winter : )

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we survived winter but I fear for our mental health. snow flurries here today, Face Book comments on said snow are ugly! (grin)

  3. I'm a fruit sticker collector myself so that piece of mail art is gorgeous, and that enormous rubber duck would be fantastic to have floating around the neighbourhood. Great pictures, I hope the sun comes out and warms up your part of the world soon, its summer already here in India.