Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last Saturday I attended a quilt show at the Harmony Museum.
There was a mix of old and new quilts.
I fell in love with the older quilts. These quilts had so many tiny hand stitches.
I just love to hand stitch, and I greatly admire other's needle work. 

The quilt pictured above is an unfinished quilt. The news paper used to "paper piece" this quilt was display for all to read but we could not find a date anywhere. The lighting in the room was poor, we couldn't really read the print well. Even unfinished, this quilt was a feast for the eyes, I love the fabric and design.

So many tiny stitches on this Wedding Ring quilt.
I wonder how long someone worked on this beauty?

               There is a sweetness to this pink and white quilt top, I fell in love.

Color and simplicity. I am just smitten with these antique works of art.
And lastly, YoYo's!
Who doesn't love a yoyo quilt?
They make me smile.
I don't know about you, but my fingers are craving a needle and thread.
Have a great weekend and stop back soon!


  1. So many hand stitches means someone worked forever on that quilt....Yoyo's do make me smile too, how could they not those cheery circles all gathered together. xox

  2. Wow, what lovely quilts. The Yo Yo quilt must have taken ages. Love your blog header, I may have said that before?