Monday, March 3, 2014

I know, weird. What the heck is it you ask?
Well, it's my entry for the Dreadful Project.
Never heard of it?
Let me fill you in...
The good people at The Sketchbook Project teamed up with
Showtime-- the cable network people. Showtime has a new series airing in May, Penny Dreadful.
The show's theme is based on cheaply printed books known as penny dreadfuls.
These books often featured monsters and gore, the stuff of nightmares!
(I'm thinking the time frame 1880-1910)
The project was open to 1,000 artist. People signed up quickly!
A six by eight inch card was mailed to each artists. We are to fill it with our best
"In the Shadows" interpretation.
Don't look to hard at my mine. I have no idea what mine is or where it came from.
I had a few ideas...but once I started it just went off...
Signing up for the project seemed like a good idea. The official project card showed up in my mailbox. Then it sunk in, I don't do horror! What was I thinking????
The reason I, and 999 others, jumped at a chance to be in the project was most likely because a lucky few will have their Dreadful art published in The New Yorker.
Yes, The New Yorker!!!
Not just in the magazine, but online and in other social media. (wherever that means)
I definitely think my piece falls under Dreadful.
Wish me luck and stop back soon!


  1. Good Luck!! Looks dreadful to me (grin).

  2. Jill! This is spooky and cool! Love the color. How did you get that color green?!
    I would have enjoyed doing this. Best of luck Good job!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We were sent a special folding card to use for the project. It was smooth and shiny, good for printers/advertising...which the rules and such were printed on the backside of the card. The nonporous surface was hard to work with, pencils made grooves but the color would not stick. I used these watercolor pens, they are tubes filled with liquid watercolor and have brush tips. I applied the paint, then smeared it with my fingers. If any water gets near my card it will wash away everything. I should have put a coat of gesso down, but then I wouldn't have the eerie glow. This project filled up fast, I think in a little over a day. Nice hearing from you!

  3. I saw Lynn's as well. Great ideas at play here. Gore was big at that time - I am thinking Jack the Ripper and that ilk, poor maiden attacked in the dark alley thing. xox

  4. I almost signed up when I got the email, but I couldn't think of anything dreadful.
    Good job! xo

  5. I would say you more than delivered on the required theme, and I applaud your unending participation in this and so many other art making events!