Monday, February 17, 2014


Having the never ending flu has me a bit behind on what has been happening.
These photos are from the Women's Circle art class I taught in January at
the Bottlebrush Gallery. We made Valentine's Day cards.
I'm on the far right bent over a sewing machine, I was giving a student a lesson on
how to use the machine.

It was a really fun night.
( I forgot my camera, these photos are from the Bottlebrush Gallery FB page, thanks MJ!)
On February 7th, I was at the opening of The Power of Image photography show at The Art Center in Butler, PA. I entered these three photos. I once again forgot to take my camera to the show, so no pictures. In my defense, I was sick that night and was there for only a very short time. And no, I didn't win or place in the show. Which was okay. I was so happy to see that there were well over 30 entries in the show. The Art Center is experiencing a resurgence in interest,  which is nice for the community.

I also had a piece of mail art at the Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

( Photo by Viktoria Robinson, it was posted on the shows curator's FB page)
The show was curated by Zalop: Illusory Correspondence Art. Do find them on Face Book!
This postcard of rodeo steers is my mail art piece for the show.

I have also been hanging out at Camp Lutherlyn. Starting next month I will be trained to work in their Environmental Education Program. Then, in April and May, I will be teaching environmental lessons to children who visit the camp for school field trips. I think this experience will energize my art.

And lastly, I have been dragging my feet on this piece for the Hoyt Regional Art Show. I'm locking myself in the studio this week and finishing it...and I mean it!

As you can see, I have a long way to go on this project...
(Deadline March 8th!)
Okay, off to find a cough drop ( can't shake this flu, it's in my chest--hanging on).
More snow tonight, yesterday we got 2 more inches. If you don't live in an area where it snows, you might not know that there is a salt shortage. Communities are scrambling to find salt for the roads. In Pittsburgh the rivers are frozen, so no barges delivering salt.Tonight's storm will be a challenge for some parts of the country, staying home might be the best thing to do.
Keep warm, stay safe and stop back soon!


  1. So glad to get a glimpse of all that you've been doing these days! For a sickie, you sure have been busy! Feel better! Best of luck with your Hoyt piece! Still hoping to see you when the weather breaks....

  2. You photos are looking marvelous.....great eye. Glad you are finally on the mend, sorry you are getting buried in another storm. xox