Saturday, February 1, 2014

Turning the page..

It's Febuary 1st, so it's time to turn the page on my
Feral Burros of Beatty, NV calendar.
Bently, the dog, is visited by a wondering Burro.
As you can tell Bently (looking none to concerned) is use to such visits.
When outdoors Bently has to be tied up because she likes to visit her boyfriend, a little Pomeranian next door. Sadly the neighbors are not thrilled with a Pitbull visiting their yard.
(Plus the neighbors don't speak English well and things get a bit strained even when Bently and her owner smile and apologize for the intrusion)
I hope you enjoy this February encounter with a feral burro from Nevada.
Happy February!


  1. Wherever did you find this? Love burros and cute dog. Hate to see them tied up though... xox

  2. My friend made the calendar for me, they are her photos. It's her dog and she has been taking photos of the burros for the past year. My friend is not thrilled to put her dog on the chain but the neighbors don't like Pitbulls as a breed. Bently goes on long walks every day and on her owner's days off they go exploring in the mountains and deserts. The photos of their adventures are amazing. And rest assured Bently nightly pushes her owner out of the bed the share.

  3. Love the name Bently, and with a burro for a buddy, it sounds like a good title for a children's book.