Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today is another mail day. I'm sending out Valentines and
postcard for the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap 2014.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the studio. Well, it's cleaner than when I started.
Today I set up a work space for a piece I want to create for the Hoyt Regional Art Show.
The last day to summit work for consideration is March 8th. 
I need to get to work!

My bald faced hornet nest is the inspiration for this project.
The nest has been setting on my porch all winter.
I hope the below freezing temperatures killed any remaining hornets.
The birds also ripped a large hole in the back. I would say they had themselves a good feast.
Crossing my fingers I don't have wasps waking up in my cozy studio.
Did I mention that I'm really, really, allergic to insect stings???
The sun is shining today and the snow looks fabulous!
Keep warm and stop back soon!


  1. Fun mail. I've been so busy stitching Valentine's never came or went, ah well....glad you got some cleaning in. I am sorting and doing a bit every day. xox

  2. Oh, heaven's to betsy. Whoever betsy is. LOOK at that nest!
    I don't know if I could put that in my house. I'd be way too paranoid. I am not allergic, but flying bugs in general spook me, and if they have stingers...? Forget it!

    The nest looks so cool, though. Looks like the start of something good...

    1. I checked my studio, so far no hornets! (my studio is not connected to my house)