Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Friday

This morning I was out in the snow with my camera.
After being stuck indoors for days, it was good to have sunshine on my face.
Note to self, next year be the first in line for a flu shot!

There is something about cornfields in the winter that speaks to me.

Dang it's cold!
Keep warm and stop back soon.


  1. Dang it's cold is right. Hope you are better, the flu sucks. xox

  2. Beautiful pictures. When will the creek freeze over?

    1. Well, the creek doesn't freeze over often. There is a large area of ice up stream.

  3. I meant to get the flu shot for the first time this year, but I keep forgetting. I wanted to go out today because the sun was out but didn't manage it. Tomorrow I pledge to go for a tramp in the woods unless stuff is falling from the sky. (I think I'm getting cabin fever.) xo

  4. Sorry you have been sick! Nice photos - I see what you mean about the cornfields...very interesting.